Entrance Gate

Friendly reminders of the gate and driveway

* Please remind your guest to not block the gate while they are waiting for you
*Please do not have delivery drivers block the gate while waiting for you
*Please do not have people call the number on the gate for deliveries for personal use. We do not know if you are home or are expecting someone. The number on the gate is for Park deliveries only. Unless prior arrangements have been made.
*Please do not tell your guests to wait up front and piggy back in behind someone.
*guest must be registered and you must provide a way for them to get in.

*If you are having a caregiver come in for you, you may see the Board for gate card options.

Thank you for your help and cooperation

We have had reports of people taking other peoples laundry out of the washers and putting them on top of the dryers. So that they may do their laundry. We would ask that everyone be patient and have courtesy for fellow members and usage of the facilities. The washers run approximately a half hour per load and the dryers are approximately an hour. Please keep track of your timing and if someone is running behind please be patient. Nobody wants someone else touching the personal clothing items. There are 3 facilities here in the park. Thank you.