Updates and Reminders

The Lodge is officially re-opened !! This includes all the facilities in the lodge.

A big Thank You to Cheryl Speer for the beautiful donation of the sectional couch for the lodge that gives everyone a much more comfortable space to enjoy !!

Library donations, Dreda Lucas, our librarian, has asked for donations to be limited to 2007 copyright and newer on books. We have limited space and would like to keep more current titles.

Video donations : We have re donated approximately 400 VHS movies, it has been narrowed down to poplar titles and moving toward more DVD over VHS. We appreciate donations but we have limited space.

REMINDER: Tom and Dana will be starting meter readings next week.

02-14-17 We will be starting the installation of the new floors tomorrow. The lodge will be closed completely during this process. This will include the bathrooms, the laundry room, library and all of the lodge area, We hope this will be a short process and we will be back open soon. Thank you for your patience while we do this improvement.